Designing A Cookery That Is Tasteful As Well As Functional

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No matter what type of a kitchenette you are dreaming about, if it does not provide you useful access to what you need to do, then it becomes a worthless investment. It does not matter if your desired space is a country style small cookery or a designer space with a lot of luxury, it will fail to fulfill its purpose if it is not designed in a functional manner. 

Therefore one must select experienced kitchen manufacturers in order to design and build a space that is just right for you and serve its purpose. Design and layout is important, this is because no matter how many expensive equipment or gadgets you may have, if it does not help you in cooking a meal or entertaining guests then it all becomes useless. The following list hopes to give you some ideas to make the space more functional. They may be useful even if you are only remodeling or even hoping to be the owners of a brand new one.  

  • Light: it goes without saying, that a good light source is a must for proper use of utensils, food and other equipment in the cookery. Especially since there are many sharp objects in use, having a bright light to illuminate everything is a very useful suggestion. Therefore bright lights must be installed over counter tops, stove and other areas you may be using. If there is a small dining area then this too should have adequate light. In some cultures it is considered bad to be eating in the dark. Under cabinet lighting is also becoming a popular feature in kitchen renovations Central Coast.
  • The triangle: this is one of the most important aspects in designing a space that is user friendly. For a person that uses the cookery often having things at hand is ideal. This is where the work triangle comes in. according to the concept; a person that is preparing meals always has three points of contact frequently used; the sink, stove and the refrigerator. These three elements make up the triangle. Therefore it is important that the lines connecting these elements are free of clutter so the person can move around easily. It also helps if you add an island in the form of a counter top form a more efficient work flow.
  • Placement: sometimes people tend to come together where there is food. And often this place is the cookery at home. However as the term suggests “too many cooks spoils the soup”, too many people hanging around this space can be difficult to manage. This is especially true for the person who is preparing meals. Therefore if you think that the kitchen is your family’s favorite spot to bond, then make sure that you arrange seating or the dining area away from the work triangle. Highlighted above are three of the main elements you can work on to creating a more enjoyable, safe and stress free cooking area in your home.