Selling You Dwelling? Here Are Some Tips

The usage of lead paint has been completely banned many years ago. However, even the newer homes that were built after this ban can still have traces of the paint in them. You therefore, need to check for this issue as it can be hazardous to health and will cause heavy metal toxicity if experienced in heavy doses. A lead paint expert can help you get rid of the traces that are found in your home. These are some of the basic tests that you can carry out to ensure that the home you plan on buying is indeed in good condition.

Selling your house and moving to a new one can be a pretty difficult task due to many reasons. The most prominent reason is that we do not possess the necessary experience in property sales and might end up selling our property at a much lesser value than it actually is worth. There is also a risk that we might over-price the house and end up not having any interested buyers due to the high price.

Therefore, selling a property like your personal house needs the guidance and supports by Melbourne property inspectors and sellers who can guide you to make the most money out of the sale. There are some important tips to remember before and when selling houses which are listed below.

Do your own research

You might have many reasons for selling the house and you might/ might not feel like sharing the story with your clients. So prepare everyone in the household with a common story as to why you are selling away your house and make sure you never mislead a customer by lying. Then, take a walk across the streets and search the web as to the rates that similar houses like yours are sold to. By doing this you can obtain an idea of around how much you should charge for your property.

Fix the little things

You may have termite bites, little pipe leaks; holes in windows and some which you might not even know are there! So consult property inspections Mornington who does house inspections at reasonable prices and get all the places that you might not notice investigated, because these little damages can significantly reduce the relative overall value of your house. If you consult professionals your job might be quicker and cheaper and highly effective for the money you pay.

Present it well

If you are selling a house, the parties who are interested too are willing to settle down with their family at your house. Therefore, move your furniture and beautiful pieces of art to make it feel like a home when people come for inspections as these pieces can bring boring walls and spaces into life and can attract the possible candidates quicker.

Also, be dressed well and prepare some drinks/ coffee for the guests and extend your warmth to them. As much as this is a business deal, you are selling a house and a house is a place where you should feel relaxed and at home. Make sure you keep your too noisy kids away at a neighbours/ relatives house.


It is common knowledge that you might not get the exact price that you are asking for and the customers would always try to negotiate. Therefore start at a higher rate, not too high, and work your way down until a point where you are comfortable. A proper negotiation can not only make you happy and get you the best price, but also make your customer feel really satisfied about the deal.